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breaking the silence.


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Hello loves!

We love the relationship we have with you guys because we feel like we can tell you everything that’s going on in our lives and have you guys understand it fully. You have probably been wondering why we have sort of gone “quiet” lately.

Well, a…

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i really don't want to sound rude i just don't understand why were you raising mney for so long and now everything lasts really long and you've done only one interview. it sounded like an great idea but now i don't have hope in this project. i could go on a street right now and interview my neighbours who are fans and it wouldn't cost a thing and i wouldn't have to prepare for it for 6 months like you did... i think you've messed up a bit.


Hi there,

It’s unfortunate that you’ve lost hope in the documentary when we’re so close to leaving for our tour.

I’m going to assume (and please forgive me if this is not the case) that you haven’t prepared to film a documentary with a potential list of interviewees that’s two hundred people long in eight countries. It takes a tremendous amount of planning.

You absolutely could go out on the street and interview your neighbour about One Direction (in fact, I think you definitely should do that!) but I’m not sure if your interview would be able to sent to a film festival or network television station, because in order to send those kinds of interviews, you need to prepare for a really long time and then make sure you get it right.

The interview that we’ve done was in Melbourne and the next bulk of the interviews we do will be all around the world. That kind of trip just takes a really long time to prepare. And when we’ve completed the tour, it’s probably going to take a really long time to make it into a finished film.

But the real reason it’s taking all this time is because both Nat and I care deeply about this fandom, and we care that you are represented in the fairest, least judgemental light. Because we care, we need to take the time to ensure we’re going to get this right. We don’t want to end up with another ‘Crazy about One Direction’ documentary.

Hope you regain your faith in us,

- Tim :)


louis sits so cute he should sit on my face


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@Louis_Tomlinson:I’m so shit at spelling!

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