fdjaskfJFKDLSAJF BRITTANY KARBOWSKI’S THERE TOO?? I adore her as Pride ;u;

OK. So she was Pride. For the whole time right? Becuase on IMDB it only says she did two episodes.

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“aw, if you like it you should keep it ;u;”

I might give it a week…or just cut it a bit so it much be so much color. I think the contrast between the colors is shocking everyone




And I’m going to AWA…..it shall be a korntastic weekend indeed.

aw, lucky Analiese getting to meet Todd twice xD I hope you have a korntasic time x) sometimes Hannah wishes she lived in the south or mid west so she could see Todd 

Awww Hannah! Thanks. And I swear one day you shall meet the beautiful korntastic, kornaful man that is Todd. (Also, going to this con will make a nice dent in my wallet) ALL FOR TODD

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Thank you!!! <3

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/sigh as long as he’s safe
Right? I am so glad. He’s working on the video from it now, but I’m not sure how anyone else can see it if they . what a brave, brave and fan-loving man. Seriously.


  hannahbananafeefifofanna said: YES. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE DEAL IS WITH THAT.

I just posted the answer to it =)